Sunday, 19 July 2015

The season of revelations

Mr Prime Minister has recently faced a lot of criticism for coming forth only for “Mann ki baat” and no “Kaam ki baat”. Jokes, memes, hash tags, news hour debates, newspapers, all have been flooding the public domain pointing towards the Prime Minister’s silence over several issues that need more contemplation. 

Involvement of the Foreign Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj and the CM of Rajasthan, Vasundhara Raje for projecting impropriety and helping the IPL fugitive Lalit Modi, has been choked with inarticulate agony. 

As has been the trend of the Indian polity for decades now, when the news breaks, it attracts heaps and loads of attention. With all possible revelations that could have been bought out in the open, the news began to die and the politicians indubitably pushed the issue away and maintained their silence over the same.

The frenzy and brouhaha of the nexus between Lalit Modi and the BJP leaders had not even hushed down that the Vyapam Scam picked up momentum.

The mysterious deaths of the accused in the admission and recruitment scam simmering for nearly a decade now called for an immediate probe into the matter which was in accordance to the NaMo cadre not required. The autopsy reports of Namrata Damor had witnessed some foul play. The murder was projected as a suicide attempt.

BJP has in fact shown support to Shivraj Singh Chouhan for not intervening in the Vyapam scam.
Mr Narendra Modi has continued to show the Manmohan Singh-like silence despite so much going on in his tenure of rule. He has evidently not been vocal enough to speak out in situations where his own party stands accountable on many fronts.  

Well, it didn’t surprise anyone much. BJP in the past has failed in fulfilling promises it had vociferously been talking about during the elections held in 2014. Whether it was the fake degree issue surrounding the HRD Minister, Mrs Smriti Zubin Irani or the nonchalant efforts in getting justice for martyr Saurabh Kalia, the hydra-headed BJP has been a disappointment for many.

However, Mr Narendra Modi has been making foreign trips and has been focusing on Make in India extensively, he somehow seems to have forgotten the core issues that need a lot of time and consideration from him at present. The V VIPs wearing the BJP cloak who have been crusaders of corruption need to be checked on.

Mr Narendra Modi must now acquiesce the bigotry of his leaders and take responsibility for the same before the ebullient PM’s stoic image is besmirched and sullied.


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Masquerades all around!

After the enigma, the Jayanthi Natarajan case puts light upon, it promulgates the infamy attached with the Indian political scenario. The imprudent ex-Congress Environmental Union Minster, came upfront with breaking her silence and creating a huge uproar in the Congress cadre, at times soo crucial with the Delhi elections already creating a lot of angst among the people. With no succour from the Congress at times when Natarajan was being shrouded with doubt, it lead to her showing some predilection towards her own self and her dignity at stake. Being asked to resign on one fine day without reasons much explained, Natarajan has been trying to ask what callousness did she show as their Union Minister for being asked to leave out of the blue, having no answers yet, even now when a year has passed. The Congress party President Ms Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Mr Rahul Gandhi have been prodigiously avoiding any conversation with Jayanthi on the same.
The claims of interference of the then party President Rahul Gandhi, mentioned very openly in the letter that Natarajan wrote to Mrs Sonia Gandhi, opens all doors of speculations towards Rahul Gandhi. The series of events- the sudden demand for a resignation, the Adani file missing being found in the washroom, Mr Rahul Gandhi addressing a corporate meeting apologizing for the slack of duty on part of the Environment Minister and after all the fracas and murmurs, Congress Party Vice-President maintaining silence are clear indications of the impunity on the part of the then government in rule. The hampering in the working of the governments in the purview of politics is nothing new to know and hear of. The mud-slinging tactic of other parties were nothing one has not been introduced to. At times of elections in the Capital, such a claim on the Congress party has not only put the party in more of a bad light but also has been a upper hand for the other political parties and has taken the fewest of the voters expected to press the "right hand" button at the vote ballots. The ambivalence continued as the Congress defended itself playing the blame game and accused Jayanthi Natarajan with charges of being corrupt and being incompetent in delivering her duties. Congress VP Mr Rahul Gandhi revoked all the speculations by addressing people and calling himself the protector of the poor, the one who will protect the poor against all odds, and turned the ball in his court with his powers of eloquence and intent of swaying the minds of the people. However, him claiming himself as the harbinger of the poor is not conclusive enough for him not being speculated with doubt and impudence. With all the abhorrence and condemn that has been bestowed upon a loyal party member has bought her beleaguered in a situation which looks like the deadlock end to the political career she built after years of perverseness. A probe in the matter is the need of the hour when all other political parties have with careful brevity parted their ways with Jayanthi Natarajan, for to be able to decide whether the breach of duties was on the part of the former  Union Minister or the former party in rule.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Going against the nuances

On the onerous occasion of the completion of 66 years of constitutional enforcement, it will be one earmarked not only for the new leaps and bounds the Indian-U.S. ties have taken but also in aspects of emanating dilapidated status of women in India. From times of no representation of women in the political arena to times now, where for the first time the U.S. President visited India twice in his tenure and also Wing Commander Pooja Thakur lead the guard of honour , the first woman to do that, added a great deal to the Indian diversity.  This republic day completing its 66 years, circumferenced around the "woman power". Under the Women Entry Scheme, where women are still not granted permanent commission at par with the men, it usurped doubt in every Indian's mind. Four years since this plea of the brave women, the case is left beleaguered with no stance taken on it yet. However, these ladies might have faced problems beyond imagination, they still manage to be a major highlight of the Republic day, infusing a spirit of motivation in everyone witnessing their all women army contingent marching with pride and gallantry. Although their hardships have been extensive but also they are the perfect depiction of the whole gamut of human emotion. With times passing by, in contemprorary India the condition of women in Indian army has seen a drastic proliferation. As U.S President Obama said, a global economy can be successful only if the talent of the half of its people are not ignored, its high time women should not be abandoned by the status they deserve. Women, over decades have emerged as strong individualities, which will infer how much an economy can develop and at the same time it requires treating women equally. Crime has been like a constant needle right in the eye of the women, making it a cause of serious concern. With the buzz of the First Lady, Michelle Obama's dress to the new phase of "Nari Shakti", all have proved reprehensible about the nuanced notions of a woman not being able to be a good leader in combat situations. Mr Modi might have been guarded with spangs of doubts due to his hydra-headed BJP parties - the RSS and VHP, but his "beti bachao, beti padhao" stance is widely appreciated without the slightest of derision. Without a doubt, women have seen a substantial improvement in their status unlike ancient Greece and Nepal during its monarchial rule till the 2006,  where women till date hold no chance of political representation or even the choice of excerising their power to vote.
The travesty of the gender justice is such, that such little steps for women betterment does not give high rays of hope. The try for surpassing all the hindrances of the culture and religion , by the women, can not be considered nebulous, no matter whatever the bigoted supporters of Hindutuva may proclaim. Without any second thoughts, the status of women must be raised in every aspect cutting through and obliterating all the preconceived notions and hackneyed old sayings about how woman should dress, work, walk and "breathe"!  With the British army allowing women to perform front line combat roles, the Indian army shall also encourage the same just as a reminder that women are not second to men. 

The Game Of Throne

The uproar that Ms KiranBedi's representation as the Chief Ministerial candidate of the BJP was one with an appalling effect, even when the Prime Minister vouched for her. From being a supporter of "Main hoon Anna"to  calling "RSS the association which has kept India united", Ms Kiran Bedi has exploited the new avenues in various ways. As a beloved aide of Anna Hazare, Ms Bedi blatantly disapproved of the NaMo cadre. Is this the only way the BJP saw possible of proving themselves as great stalwarts, seeing no effect of Mr Narendra Modi on Delhi? Well, it surely looks like, the BJP President,Amit Shah's desperation result was Kiran Bedi. Times are such where morals play no more role. One must not be astonished to see the "u-turn"government that the Chief Ministerial candidate happens to be depicting. The perseverance that the Aam Aadmi Party shows inspite of being called a naxalite, an anarchist or for that matter a bhagoda, is what happens to be the very spirit of the Assembly polls. Where on one hand India is going to be the most benefited from the Modi-NRI romance, Mr Modi on the other hand should also be able to give reasons good enough for making someone as a representative who the party didn't really want to be as the face of their shenanigan cadre and that too just out of the blue! Where on one hand Mr Arvind Kejriwal has a strong aam aadmi connect where he dresses in the simplest way possible and believes in straight talk, Ms Kiran Bedi's tough demeanour and no-nonsense approach gives hopes of great governance with great éclat. But will this demeanour and sense and sensibility of Bedi remain receptive once in power? Will she be able to make changes in the nastiest of gashes, RSS and BJP being major ones themselves? Though, majority wants to believe in her but the recent chains of actions and reactions take the privileges of her trustworthiness as an eminent police officer. The promises made by the aam aadmi are quantitative and also his approachability can be vouched for.

Pick up a newspaper, switch on a TV, all one can see is the Delhi elections. Its like an adrenaline rush for dilli waale, losing its mere essence of a government by the people, for the people. As time passes, it seems more like a tug of war between two people as the faces of two parties.Both Kejriwal and Bedi started as the Lok Pal agitators. Kejriwal kept himself in news by dramatically resigning and out staging dharnas and Bedi in her new avatar is the BJP contender blithely ignoring her old tweets against BJP itself.
With all this going on around, one can not deny that it is quite an entertainment for the audiences.All the hashtags , the statuses that some kindred spirited youngsters put and the constant and scathing attack that the parties continue to pull each other down are quite amusing in its own.
He has the muffler,she has the dupatta, and media's obsession with the two, leaves Delhi with a mix of feelings.