Saturday, 7 February 2015

Going against the nuances

On the onerous occasion of the completion of 66 years of constitutional enforcement, it will be one earmarked not only for the new leaps and bounds the Indian-U.S. ties have taken but also in aspects of emanating dilapidated status of women in India. From times of no representation of women in the political arena to times now, where for the first time the U.S. President visited India twice in his tenure and also Wing Commander Pooja Thakur lead the guard of honour , the first woman to do that, added a great deal to the Indian diversity.  This republic day completing its 66 years, circumferenced around the "woman power". Under the Women Entry Scheme, where women are still not granted permanent commission at par with the men, it usurped doubt in every Indian's mind. Four years since this plea of the brave women, the case is left beleaguered with no stance taken on it yet. However, these ladies might have faced problems beyond imagination, they still manage to be a major highlight of the Republic day, infusing a spirit of motivation in everyone witnessing their all women army contingent marching with pride and gallantry. Although their hardships have been extensive but also they are the perfect depiction of the whole gamut of human emotion. With times passing by, in contemprorary India the condition of women in Indian army has seen a drastic proliferation. As U.S President Obama said, a global economy can be successful only if the talent of the half of its people are not ignored, its high time women should not be abandoned by the status they deserve. Women, over decades have emerged as strong individualities, which will infer how much an economy can develop and at the same time it requires treating women equally. Crime has been like a constant needle right in the eye of the women, making it a cause of serious concern. With the buzz of the First Lady, Michelle Obama's dress to the new phase of "Nari Shakti", all have proved reprehensible about the nuanced notions of a woman not being able to be a good leader in combat situations. Mr Modi might have been guarded with spangs of doubts due to his hydra-headed BJP parties - the RSS and VHP, but his "beti bachao, beti padhao" stance is widely appreciated without the slightest of derision. Without a doubt, women have seen a substantial improvement in their status unlike ancient Greece and Nepal during its monarchial rule till the 2006,  where women till date hold no chance of political representation or even the choice of excerising their power to vote.
The travesty of the gender justice is such, that such little steps for women betterment does not give high rays of hope. The try for surpassing all the hindrances of the culture and religion , by the women, can not be considered nebulous, no matter whatever the bigoted supporters of Hindutuva may proclaim. Without any second thoughts, the status of women must be raised in every aspect cutting through and obliterating all the preconceived notions and hackneyed old sayings about how woman should dress, work, walk and "breathe"!  With the British army allowing women to perform front line combat roles, the Indian army shall also encourage the same just as a reminder that women are not second to men. 

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