Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Masquerades all around!

After the enigma, the Jayanthi Natarajan case puts light upon, it promulgates the infamy attached with the Indian political scenario. The imprudent ex-Congress Environmental Union Minster, came upfront with breaking her silence and creating a huge uproar in the Congress cadre, at times soo crucial with the Delhi elections already creating a lot of angst among the people. With no succour from the Congress at times when Natarajan was being shrouded with doubt, it lead to her showing some predilection towards her own self and her dignity at stake. Being asked to resign on one fine day without reasons much explained, Natarajan has been trying to ask what callousness did she show as their Union Minister for being asked to leave out of the blue, having no answers yet, even now when a year has passed. The Congress party President Ms Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Mr Rahul Gandhi have been prodigiously avoiding any conversation with Jayanthi on the same.
The claims of interference of the then party President Rahul Gandhi, mentioned very openly in the letter that Natarajan wrote to Mrs Sonia Gandhi, opens all doors of speculations towards Rahul Gandhi. The series of events- the sudden demand for a resignation, the Adani file missing being found in the washroom, Mr Rahul Gandhi addressing a corporate meeting apologizing for the slack of duty on part of the Environment Minister and after all the fracas and murmurs, Congress Party Vice-President maintaining silence are clear indications of the impunity on the part of the then government in rule. The hampering in the working of the governments in the purview of politics is nothing new to know and hear of. The mud-slinging tactic of other parties were nothing one has not been introduced to. At times of elections in the Capital, such a claim on the Congress party has not only put the party in more of a bad light but also has been a upper hand for the other political parties and has taken the fewest of the voters expected to press the "right hand" button at the vote ballots. The ambivalence continued as the Congress defended itself playing the blame game and accused Jayanthi Natarajan with charges of being corrupt and being incompetent in delivering her duties. Congress VP Mr Rahul Gandhi revoked all the speculations by addressing people and calling himself the protector of the poor, the one who will protect the poor against all odds, and turned the ball in his court with his powers of eloquence and intent of swaying the minds of the people. However, him claiming himself as the harbinger of the poor is not conclusive enough for him not being speculated with doubt and impudence. With all the abhorrence and condemn that has been bestowed upon a loyal party member has bought her beleaguered in a situation which looks like the deadlock end to the political career she built after years of perverseness. A probe in the matter is the need of the hour when all other political parties have with careful brevity parted their ways with Jayanthi Natarajan, for to be able to decide whether the breach of duties was on the part of the former  Union Minister or the former party in rule.

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