Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Game Of Throne

The uproar that Ms KiranBedi's representation as the Chief Ministerial candidate of the BJP was one with an appalling effect, even when the Prime Minister vouched for her. From being a supporter of "Main hoon Anna"to  calling "RSS the association which has kept India united", Ms Kiran Bedi has exploited the new avenues in various ways. As a beloved aide of Anna Hazare, Ms Bedi blatantly disapproved of the NaMo cadre. Is this the only way the BJP saw possible of proving themselves as great stalwarts, seeing no effect of Mr Narendra Modi on Delhi? Well, it surely looks like, the BJP President,Amit Shah's desperation result was Kiran Bedi. Times are such where morals play no more role. One must not be astonished to see the "u-turn"government that the Chief Ministerial candidate happens to be depicting. The perseverance that the Aam Aadmi Party shows inspite of being called a naxalite, an anarchist or for that matter a bhagoda, is what happens to be the very spirit of the Assembly polls. Where on one hand India is going to be the most benefited from the Modi-NRI romance, Mr Modi on the other hand should also be able to give reasons good enough for making someone as a representative who the party didn't really want to be as the face of their shenanigan cadre and that too just out of the blue! Where on one hand Mr Arvind Kejriwal has a strong aam aadmi connect where he dresses in the simplest way possible and believes in straight talk, Ms Kiran Bedi's tough demeanour and no-nonsense approach gives hopes of great governance with great éclat. But will this demeanour and sense and sensibility of Bedi remain receptive once in power? Will she be able to make changes in the nastiest of gashes, RSS and BJP being major ones themselves? Though, majority wants to believe in her but the recent chains of actions and reactions take the privileges of her trustworthiness as an eminent police officer. The promises made by the aam aadmi are quantitative and also his approachability can be vouched for.

Pick up a newspaper, switch on a TV, all one can see is the Delhi elections. Its like an adrenaline rush for dilli waale, losing its mere essence of a government by the people, for the people. As time passes, it seems more like a tug of war between two people as the faces of two parties.Both Kejriwal and Bedi started as the Lok Pal agitators. Kejriwal kept himself in news by dramatically resigning and out staging dharnas and Bedi in her new avatar is the BJP contender blithely ignoring her old tweets against BJP itself.
With all this going on around, one can not deny that it is quite an entertainment for the audiences.All the hashtags , the statuses that some kindred spirited youngsters put and the constant and scathing attack that the parties continue to pull each other down are quite amusing in its own.
He has the muffler,she has the dupatta, and media's obsession with the two, leaves Delhi with a mix of feelings.

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